Sure-fire Tactics to Seduce Chinese Women

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Published: 25th July 2012
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Why are innumerable white men attracted to Chinese girls?

Is it their glowing skin and shinny hair, their toned bodies or is it their picture-perfect smiles?

Or is it the fact that they are very loyal and loving partners....Or is it their sweet and amiable demeanour?

Whatever it is, which makes Chinese women super-special, you cannot deny the fact that you are extremely attracted to them and you would love to have a fling with them, have a relationship with them or even marry them. However, trying to lure or even talk to a Chinese girl can be quite a tough ordeal if you do not know what you are actually doing. The cultural differences alone can make it almost impossible to know what all to say without embarrassing, offending or scaring the Chinese girl you like. This article, however, points out some 'insider' secrets that unleash exactly how to approach Chinese beauties for the first time and to make them interested in you instantly.

Chinese girls may seem like a mystery to Western men, who have not tried dating them before. It is a fact that Chinese hotties have a very different perspective towards dating and a unique outlook on relationships. This does not mean that these women are some different species altogether; however, their rich cultural heritage does make them quite different in their way of behaviour and life.

Read on to know the tactics to seduce Chinese girls

Utilizing cultural differences in alluring Chinese girls:

If you are a white guy and want to know how to attract Chinese chicks, you will need to become culturally aware of any disparities that may crop up in an interracial relationship. Learning the ways to seduce these girls may entail more effort compared to alluring Western women, for example, they would expect you to respect their traditions and their culture. In addition, if you make any cultural mistake during a date, you can ruin your chances with her just remember that.

Be Polite in your conduct:

You must ensure you do not seem too brash or too forward, and pay close heed to how she does things in her home and then, act accordingly.

Do not talk about what you think of girls with Chinese descent:

When introducing yourself to a pretty Chinese girl, try not to talk about what you think of girls with Chinese descent. In fact, you must never ever mention how beautiful you think Chinese girls are or you can kiss that girl goodbye right away. Even if you believe you are just shelling out a compliment, most Chinese girls will not interpret things that way.

Simply be rid of Chinese stereotypes:

Another important thing to remember while knowing the ways to lure Chinese girls is to forget all stereotypes associated with them. You are not going to have a personal geisha by dating a Chinese beauty. Although movies often portray these women as exotic dancers, peasants and geishas, you must never expect to a meet one in the reality. In fact, in this way you are surely setting yourself up for a complete failure.

Sensitivities and learn how to avoid them:

To be on the good side of a Chinese girl, you must try to learn their culture as well as learn various interesting facts about their culture. Some groundwork can really take you long way in terms of looking intelligent and inquisitive in the eyes of your Chinese date.

Making use of mind hack tactics in order to seduce Chinese girls:

Another thing you must learn in order to attract Chinese women is to know about 'fractionation' and ways to utilize it on your dates. These girls happen to be particularly vulnerable to conversational hypnosis traits, thus, 'fractionation' would be extremely powerful when utilized on them and there are extremely high chances that Chinese girl you love will fall for you in just 10 minutes afterwards.

The fact is these secrets can provide you with the unfair advantage to alluring, dating and romancing a hot Chinese woman.

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